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The song is "After All This Time" from the musical 'Lestat' - music by Elton John/ lyrics by Bernie Taupin.
It is sung by Armand to Lestat, but I thought it fit so well with this idea.

Thanks so much to Kristin for the 'Ashes to Ashes' dialogue. I was too lazy to drag out the tapes. I really appreciate it!!!

After All This Time
by Amanda Berendt
Copyright June 2006

    The scent of blood.
    Pure instinct made the ancient one find the source of that blood and drain it completely.
    It was not long before the healing began and the memories returned.

What taste is this upon my lips
A taste so sweet, what can that be
What is this scent upon the air
That fills my lungs and comforts me

    The chill of the desert night seeped into the tomb. She smiled as the images from the past flashed across her memory. Stepping out into the darkness, she gazed up at the clear black sky and smiled. It was a smile not of joy but of determination. After a moment's pause, she decided upon her destination and took to the air.

And whispers low, how does it feel
To savor up such just revenge
To smell the fragrancy of loss
And drunkenly inhale his pain

    Mere days later, she stood in the shadows of the streets of this new city. Oh how the world had changed. This new age was very much to her liking. The night was now as the day was. Shops were open, mortals walked the night unaware of the evil that stalked them.
She watched as the figure approached. Rounding the corner, he made his way toward the metal door. He paused for a moment, his hand upon the latch and looked around. Was that fear she sensed?

Oh, can it be your countenance
Is stripped of all it's dash and dare
And what of your bold confidence
Could it have drowned in your despair

    She watched from the shadows as the police vehicles soon pulled up outside the club. One man paused before entering the club. There was something about him... a connection. Realizing who he was, she smiled. It was a cruel, calculating smile. This would certainly change things.

    The next evening, she decided it was time to make herself known. She listened as he spoke to his audience.
    As the phone rang, she marveled again at the wonders this new world. "Hello Lucius. It's been a very long time."
    She sensed his surprise. But, ever the general, he quickly recovered. "Shouldn't all good little girls be in bed by this time?"
    Letting the silence settle for a moment, she replied "But I'm not that kind of girl. You know that." She paused, letting the past come alive. "Do you know what its like to be betrayed by your own child, to be left alone in the darkness? Hmm, I didn't think so. But you will know soon enough, as your friends die, and the fear of death drives those still alive away from you. Then you'll understand how it feels to be betrayed... and alone."
    In her mind she could see the expression of disbelief on his face. Through their link she could feel his fear. She smiled.

And after all this time
I wash my hands of your charade
And celebrate your fall from grace
Preserve that sad look on your face
And praise what god might manifest
Himself to beings such as us
For vengeance that at last is mine
Come sweetly after all this time

    She knew her sudden reemergence would awaken the memories within him. How he had turned away from her requests. How he had turned away from her advances. She had given him eternal life and he had left her to suffer - alone for eternity.

If you'll allow me to recall
How my requests were swept aside
At every instance I beseeched you
I was shut out and denied

    She took her time to bring her plan to reality. It was a slow picking away at this world he had created for himself. It was almost too easy. He had surrounded himself with the young and unwitting. They were no match for her strength.

    She had saved this one for last. She stood over him as he lay prone on the floor. How appropriate that this shining knight lay dying upon a painting of the sun.
    It was now time to visit the general.

    Entering the empty club, she crossed slowly to where he sat alone at the bar.
    "I never thought you'd rise to the lofty position of innkeeper." She sneered. He turned to face her. The look of defeat up on his face was perfect.

You shattered what I once conceived
From the moment you arrived
And now you wonder why I gloat here
Reveling in your grand demise
You're arrogant beyond contempt
You beg to share my precious blood
I'd no sooner you in my veins
Than to see you with the ones you love.

    "All that remains is for you to kill me." He spat.
    She smiled her cold smile. "No. You must exist forever with the knowledge that you have destroyed everyone that is dear to you. Your friends, lovers, mother, daughter... and now your son." She turned to see the look of horror that crossed his face.

And after all this time
I wash my hands of your charade
And celebrate your fall from grace
Preserve that sad look on your face
And praise what god might manifest
Himself to beings such as us
For vengeance that at last is mine
Comes sweetly after all this time...

    She smiled. "Your son is dead! How does that feel?"
    Her plan was now complete. The emptiness that he had left her in for all those centuries was now passed to him. He would now suffer as she had.


Yes, I know the scene goes on. But the "Nick to the rescue" part doesn't really fit in with the tone of the story.