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The song is "Right Before My Eyes" from the broadway musical 'Lestat'. Music by Elton John, Lyrics by Bernie Taupin. For anyone who is in, or plans to be in, the New York area. I highly recommend seeing this show. It is very close to the books (Interview & Lestat) and the music is beautiful. Do NOT listen to the critics.

In the show, the song is sung by Lestat about Nicholas.

Right Before My Eyes
by Amanda Berendt
Copyright May 2006

Paris 1228

    Lacroix sat alone at the table in the corner of the tavern. He liked the shadows the walls created which concealed his tall frame. He watched the group of returning crusaders as they ate and drank. The vampire had been watching them for the past week, since they had arrived in the city.
    Almost from the start, his attention had focused on one individual. Nicholas, his name was. He was a bright shining light in the sea of darkness that was the world of the vampire. The knight seemed to unconciously separate himself from him comrades. Lacroix could sense the strength in this mortal. But it was something more than that. He could sense that this mortal man could be his equal. He could be someone to spend eternity with.

How luminous he looks to me
So radiant and glorious
One savage kiss is all he needs
To change his life and make this night victorious
What princes of the moon we'd be
Two blazing beacons in the dark
Desire drives me to take him now
No force on earth could ever tear him from my heart

    But as the nights passed, Lacroix could not understand why he didn't just take this man. What was it that held him back night after night?
Now, he sat in the shadows watching the knight sit silently as the other man laughed and talked together.

But why do I go back and forth?
What is this doubt that clouds my thoughts?
Don't waste this chance and let the night pass by
He's mine to take
He's right before my eyes

    Each night it would come. Just as Lacroix made his decision to take this man, a bit of doubt would cross his mind. This knight was filled with a kind of inner light that was so rare among mortals. The vampire wondered if, because of his own selfish desires, he would crush the innocence that was still left in the weary crusader.
    Even though the world of darkness held so many possibilites and wonders, Lacroix was not sure if this man would accept such a gift. And so, as the nights passed, he held back.

And so my conscience speaks to me
Of selfishness and consequence
The danger that from death I'd make
A stolen soul no longer blessed with innocence
And such a kingdom could be ours
A wondrous world beyond compare
Would his bright fire not wish it so?
Surely he'd agree this gift is one that should be shared

    Tonight, he discovered, would be the group's final night in the city. When the morning came, they would all be returning to their homes. It must be now, or not at all. But that doubt still lingered in his mind. Is this the right decision?
Gazing at the man, Lacroix used his link to summon Janette.

But why do I go back and forth?
What is this doubt that clouds my thoughts?
Don't waste this chance and let the night pass by
He's mine to take
He's right before my eyes

Toronto, 1992

    Lacroix watched from the shadows of The Raven, as Nick crossed the dance floor to where Janette stood at the bar. Despite the loudness of the music and the darkness of the club, he could hear their words as if he stood next to them. Detective Knight was looking for a vampire who had attacked a guard at a museum.
    Despite the passing of so many centuries, Nicholas still retained that light. Although, now it was clouded with guilt and regret. The ancient vampire watched sadly as his son turned and walked out of the door and into the night.

Everything I really need
Is standing here in front of me
The one thing that my heart should not deny
Is out of reach
But right before my eyes
Is out of reach
But right before my eyes