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The song is the reprise for "Right Before My Eyes" from the musical 'Lestat'. Again Lestat is singing about Nicholas.

Right Before My Eyes (reprise)
By Amanda Berendt
Copyright May 2006

    Lacroix watched as Nick leaned down and kissed Natalie. He knew his son had chosen correctly. Nick would have grieved more than he was now if he had brought the doctor across.
    A sorrow stronger than anything Lacroix had felt, was emanating from Nick. The ancient knew, however indirectly, he was responsible for his child's pain.

Dear God, he could have had a life
But I was never strong enough
I let my dark consume his light
When my Will was overshadowed by his love

    He had always held Nick so close, not letting him experience the freedom of this life. He wondered how things might have been different if he hadn't been so overpowering.
    Nick stood and without looking at his master, crossed to the fireplace. He picked up a carved staff and gazed at it intently. Then he turned to Lacroix. Within the veil of sorrow, the elder vampire saw a tiny gleam of hope in his son's eyes.

So will you bring him home tonight?
I need to know he's in your hands
God, guide his soul and give him wings to fly
He's yours to take
He's right before your eyes.

    Even though every part of him screamed against it, Lacroix took the staff when Nick offered it to him.
    "And so to you, I am the devil." He said, covering his grief with anger.
    Nick opened his heart to his master. "No, not the devil, Lacroix." he paused. "You are my closest friend."
    The ancient vampire's cold heart nearly broke at those words. He had waited so long to hear them.
    As Nick turned to Natalie once more, Lacroix rose the staff and let it fall. Nick gasped at the pain, then was silent.

And now his life slips through my hands
His gentle soul leaves on the wind
A broken angel finds release
From all my selfish dreams the darkness brings

    As the dawn approached, the ancient vampire stood near the window. What was left? The light that had shone for so long in his dark existence was extinguished.

So what do I do now?
He's gone, I'm left alone and so unsure
Guide me now and give me tears to cry
When all I loved died right before my eyes