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This is my tribute to "Phantom of the Opera" - congrats on becoming the longest running Broadway show!! The following scene is my FK version of the final scene of the musical. I was listening to it today at work and a vision came into my head. The roles have be reassigned as such: The Phantom = Lacroix / Raoul = Natalie / Christine = Nick . Yeah, there's some gender reversal, but it works. The emotions and such are the same.

Note: Much (but not all) of the actual 'spoken' lines are directly from the final scene in the musical.

Forever Phantom
by Amanda Berendt
Copyright January 9, 2006

    Nick stormed into the Raven, made even more angry to see his master sitting calmly at the bar sipping from a glass.
    "Have you gorged your self at last, in your lust for blood?" he fiercely addressed the elder vampire.
    Lacroix set the glass on the bar, before calmly turning to his son and raising his eyebrow as if questioning this affront.
    "You know what I mean, Lacroix." his anger was boiling just below the surface. "They were my friends!"
    "Oh, Nicholas." Lacroix shook his head. "We share the same destiny - this fate, which condemns us to wallow in blood, has also denied us the joys of the flesh."
    "What are you talking about?" This sudden turn of the conversation stopped Nick in his tracks.
    Lacroix stood up, holding Nick's attention. "You know the dangers of becoming too involved in the mortal world. It is something you have lectured me on over and over." He paused, allowing Nick to absorb what he was saying. "Think back - eight hundred years... We had a bargain."
    Before Nick could reply, the elder vampire turned his attention over Nick's shoulder. "Wait, I think we have a guest. I had rather hoped that you would come. This is, indeed, an unparallel delight."
    Nick spun around, and saw Natalie standing in the doorway of the club. "Natalie, get out!"
    But it was too late, Lacroix had already motioned to two vampires who had been waiting in the shadows, and they stepped between Natalie and the door.
    Natalie gasped when she saw the two vampires step up behind her, but she had resolved to show no fear to the ancient vampire. "Let him go! You have no right to him!"
    Lacroix smirked and turned to Nick. "Your lover makes a passionate plea."
    "Please, Nat, it's useless." Nick said to her, not wanting her to make the situation worse.
    "My dear, Dr. Lambert. He is correct. Nothing can save you now - except, perhaps Nicholas." he said, putting his hand on his son's shoulder. To Nick, he continued.      "Start a new life with me. Buy her freedom with your love. Refuse me and you send your lover to her death." He moved in close to emphasize his next words. "This is the choice - This is the point of no return!"
    Nick steeled himself against his master's ultimatum. "Lacroix, you are killing any compassion I still have for you."
    Natalie was beginning to lose her resolve. "Oh, Nick I am sorry. I was doing it all for you, but it's all for nothing."
    A moment passed before the three came to the same conclusion. Any way Nick chose, Lacroix would win.
    It was the elder vampire who broke the silence. "So, do you end your days with me, or do you send her to her grave?"
    "Why make him lie to you to save me?" Natalie spat at him.
    Despite the fact that Lacroix was so close to him, Nick stood his ground and kept his calm. "Lacroix, why all this torment? When will you see reason? All these years, I have tried to be what you want me to be, but I just cannot."
    Becoming frustrated, Lacroix turned away from Nick and back to the bar. "You try my patience - make your choice!"
    Quietly, Nick moved toward the bar and stood close to Lacroix. "Pitiful creature of darkness, what kind of life have you known. God, gave me courage to show you you're not alone." He stood calmly facing his master and to Natalie's amazement and horror, he embraced the elder vampire.
    When the long embrace ends, Lacroix turns away says quietly, "Take her and go. Go now and leave me."
    Nick turns to Natalie and sees that the two vampires who had been guarding her are gone. He runs to the steps and takes her in his arms. Just as they are about to pass through the door, Nick stops and turns back to Lacroix.
    "Nicholas, I love you...." Nick smiles sadly, then turns and follows Natalie out into the night.