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It's Only Love
By Amanda Berendt
Copyright March 2004

    Janette walked through the thinning crowd. It was nearly dawn and even the mortal patrons were heading for home. As she climbed the stairs to the door, she felt a faint stirring. It was more than the vampire patrons of the club, this was something personal. She tried to follow the link to it's source, but found it blocked. She shrugged as she opened the door and stepped out into the cool pre-dawn.
    Once outside, she took a deep breath of the crisp air. She felt the stirring once more, this time stronger. Calmly scanning the street, she almost jumped when she saw him. How long had it been since she had last seen him.

I see you try to turn away
I hear the words you want to say
I feel how much you want to hide
What's happening inside you tonight

    She held a cigarette to her lips and lit it. Taking in a breath, she held it as she met his eyes across the empty street. He held her gaze only for a moment before turning away, but she saw it. The ice blue eyes lacked the warmth she had come to love, but underneath the cold cynicism, she saw the spark. But she wouldn't push him, she would wait.

Come meet my eyes one moment more
Our eyes are different than before
This night, so beautiful and strange
This night begins to change who we are

    Through their link, she could sense his reluctance, but she also felt his desire. He had come here looking for her. She could sense a part of him that wanted to renew their connection. Not wanting to scare him, she made no move towards him. Taking another drag on the cigarette she looked up, watching the sky lighten ever so slightly.

Don't turn away - it's only love
Quietly coming to you
Whispering through you
Take my hand - it's only love
Let it come through you slowly
Don't be afraid - it's only love

    Finishing the cigarette, she looked once more across the street. There was a definite charge in the the air. Though no words were spoken out loud, she could feel his emotions. Both knew they couldn't ever go back to the beginning, but they could renew their love tonight. She reached out to him through their link, but still felt his reluctance.

We touch, the dark begins to stir
We can't go back to where we were
Don't be afraid to make it real
Don't be afraid to feel tonight

    His unwillingness to give into his true nature confused her. Throughout the many years they had been together, she had never understood his quest for mortality. If only he would let go.

Don't be afraid - it's only love
Only a touch that frees you
Let it release you
Take the chance - it's only love
Open your heart and show me
Don't be afraid - it's only love

    She could feel the dawn coming. Her thoughts turned to the possibility of spending the day with him after so many years. Meeting his gaze once more, she let the thought drift across their link before turning away. She passed through the door to the club, hoping he'd follow, but knowing he would not.

Don't close your eyes
Don't hold it in
Reach out to me let it all begin

    Safe inside the darkness of the club, Janette felt Nicholas hesitate for a moment before retreating into the coming dawn. Although he was fleeing, she had felt his desire and he knew he would return. They had been apart for so many years, it was now time to begin anew.

Don't be afraid - it's only love
Only a touch that frees you
Let it release you
Take a chance - it's only love
Let it come through you slowly
Open your heart and show me
Don't be afraid - it's only love