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By Amanda Berendt
Copyright 2003

    Janette folded the dress carefully to protect the delicate silk and velvet as she placed it gently in the trunk with the others. He would soon be returning and she had hoped to be finished before he came back. He would not take this lightly - he never did. It had been almost ninety years - much longer than any mortal union would have lasted.
    She hated always having to be the one to leave. He would never initiate a separation although they both knew it was necessary. It was how they had always lived - a time together, followed by a parting of the ways, then finding each other again. This love they shared was truly eternal.

I'd rather leave while I'm in love
While I still believe the meaning of the word
I keep my dreams and just pretend
That you and I were never meant to end

    The oaken door flew open and Nicolas came in. He saw the trunks and turned on her asking if she had planned to bid him goodbye or was she just going to steal of into the night. She told him she wanted to leave before they tired of each other - before the love grew old and died. He answered in a biting tone that she was breaking his heart.
    She hated that he always put the blame on her. Did he not realize her heart was breaking also? She wanted so much to stay here - to unpack the trunks and run into his arms, but she could not. The depth of his love frightened her. She couldn't lay all of her feelings out like he did. In the past, she had been hurt too often. Now it was she who could choose.

Too many times I've seen the rose die on the vine
And somebody's heart gets broken
Usually it's mine
I don't want to take the chance of being hurt again
And you and I can't say goodbye

    She tried to reason with him, telling him it was not truly goodbye. They would each move on - go their separate ways for a time. Then one day their eyes would meet across a crowded room and they would fall in love again.
    As she turned away from where he sat at the window, she took one final look. His golden hair sparkled in the moonlight as he gazed out into the night. She loved him more than he could ever imagine. From the moment he was born into the darkness, she knew she would never love another as much as she loved him. Even when she forced herself toleave him for a time to reassert her independence, she knew she would return to his embrace.

So if you wake and find me gone
Hey babe, just carry on
You see I need my fantasy
I still believe, it's best to leave while I'm in love
I'd rather leave while I'm in love

    She slowly moved to the doorway, not daring to steal another look behind and stepped through it. Wondering how many years it would be before she set eyes on him again, she quietly slipped out into the night.