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I am referencing episodes 'Dark Knight', 'Fatal Instinct' and 'Love You To Death'

The song is "Pushing Back" written and sung by Drew Sarich. (Happy Birthday to Drew!!!) If anyone wants to hear it, I'll be more than happy to send you the song. Just ask.  I'm all about getting other people to hear his music!

Pushing Back
by Amanda Berendt
Copyright August 2006

-Paris, 1890s-
      Nick turned away from the ballerina. Even as the purity of her blood ran through his veins, he could feel the hatred boiling up within him. His eyes met with the smirking countenance of Lacroix.
      The younger vampire rushed at his master, pinning him against the wall. Once again, Lacroix had baited him into destroying something he held dear.
      "You lied." Nick hissed, holding his master against the wall.
      Lacroix just smiled, pleased with his son's anger. "You had to learn, blood is blood. It doesn't matter what the source is."
      "It matter's to me." Nick gave the ancient vampire one last shove before turning and leaving the room, roughly brushing past Janette on his way through the door.

A link in our gold chain broken
By the diamond lies you told
A change in the smell of you
And a tint in your eyes were a means to an end
Your pushing back

-Toronto, 1992-
      He had told Natalie that Lacroix was trying to call him out. Now, he was bracing himself for the confrontation that inevitably lay ahead.
      He parked the caddy, and as he got out, he saw the tall figure disappear around a corner. Easily, Nick followed Lacroix to the empty abattoir. He knew why his master had chosen this place - the blood. Despite it's non-human origins, the presence of this much blood was sure to bring out the vampire.
      The ancient vampire seemed to be on an unrelenting mission to return Nick to the fold. He confessed that he had killed the guard at the museum to gain Nick's attention... and it had worked.

I saw it coming up to take a swing
But Mama, I bandaged the cracks
And I prayed to God to hold my hand
But not even divinity can fill in what we lacked
Now I only pray you understand

      Moments before dawn, Nick stood and looked up at his master impaled on the metal spike. He almost felt regret... almost. This wasn't the end - metal could not kill a vampire. But the sun was rising... this battle was over.
      'Will the war ever end between us?' Nick thought as he hurried from the building to seek shelter from the coming dawn.

I'm pushing back
And I don't wannna turn around
Until I know you've gone
'cause I'm alive for the first time
And I'm damned if I'll be tempted down

-Toronto, 1993-
      Nick pushed aside the brief moment of shock at seeing Lacroix standing in front of him. His mind went back to his loft the previous year.
      --'Va au diable!-- He had plunged the flaming stake into his master, and yet somehow the ancient vampire had returned. Did Lacroix really believe that the way to bring Nick back to the community was to ruin the life he had created?

Whatcha think you could rope in a hurricane
With the promise of a good thing
When he's already gone with the wind
What, are you thinking I'd sink for the lure
That you used to bring me in
Well it was all just a means to an end
I'm pushing back

      Now as he sat alone at his piano, Nick felt the unmistakable stirrings in the back of his mind.
      "Janette". He said without stopping his playing. He sensed her coming nearer, as she crossed the room to sit beside him.
      "You felt me." She paused. "That can mean only one thing."
      Nick stopped playing and stared into the flames of the candles on the piano. "Lacroix has returned."

I remember the candles
I remember their scent
I remember the angels
God knows where they went