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The song is "Since You Stayed Here". Unfortunately I don't know who wrote it, or even who sang it originally. The version I have was sung by Aris Sas at the Leading Men concert in Vienna in 2002.
This isn't a song fic, but as I wrote it, I could hear the song playing in the background. I will post the lyrics at the end for anyone who doesn't know the song.
There isn't a specific time period for this. Just sometime after the series. It could be the present time, or maybe sometime in the future.

Since You Stayed Here
by Amanda Berendt
Copyright August 2006

      Nick pulled the car up to the garage and got out. He looked up at the brick facade of the building. The water tower remained on the roof, but the building it rested on was quite different. A developer had bought it and turned it into condos. Now it was several stories higher with a glass atrium. Progress...
      He drew in a deep breath, savoring the crisp winter air, as he shoved his hands into his pockets. He turned around to gaze out at the city that had once been his home. More of a home than many of the places he had lived during his long lifetime. It was in this city he had found love, acceptance and even hope. That is why he had come back. He wanted to see what remained.
      Getting back into the rental car, he pulled away from the loft and made his way downtown. Yonge Street still glittered with all of it's lights and stores, but somehow it seemed different. It had an emptiness... a distance.
      Pulling up in front of the 96th Precinct, he stopped the car across the street. He sat for several minutes watching the officers and detectives come and go. None looked familiar. The building was the same as it had ever been, but the soul was different. There was no reason to go inside.
      Again he started the car and pulled away.
      Almost without realizing it, he found himself driving along Grenville Street. Bringing the car to a stop in front of the white stucco building, he sat for a moment letting the memories come. It had been years since he had been back to the city, and even longer since he had come here.
     Even this place, where that life had begun, held nothing for him now. Did he think there would have found something? Nothing of that life remained here. The city had changed, it had moved on and begun anew.
      Turning the key in the ignition, he put the car in drive and pulled away from the curb.


You'd never recognize the room
The pictures all have different frames now
And all the chairs are rearranged now
Somehow, I've thrown out every souvenir
Yes, there've been changes made
Since you stayed here

You'd never recognize the street
The neighbor's kids play different games now
The colors in the trees have changed now
Strange how I've hardly thought of you this year
Yes, there've been changes made
Since you stayed here

The same address, more or less
More happens, less matters, I guess

You'd never recognize my life
The party-givers know my name now
And when I cry it's not the same now
Somehow, I never waste a single tear
Yes, there've been changes made
Since you stayed here