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Free Standing Stories

These stories are 'stand-alone' stories.  They can be read in any order and (in most cases) are not linked to any other stories.

Questions of the Heart
My very first attempt at fanfic - I wrote it while I was in college.  It takes place right after "Be My Valentine."  Although some readers have placed it after "Last Knight."  It works either way.

Portrait of Lonliness
This is more of a scene.  It is an image I got in my head after hearing the song 'Knowing Me, Knowing You' by ABBA.

Light of Love
This story takes place after the flashback events of "Queen of Harps" - Nick is on his way to the Crusades.  It incorporates one of my favoite historical events - the love affair of Peter Abelard and Heloise.

After All
A take on "Last Knight" from Natalie's point of view.  It uses actual dialogue from the episode.

A reflection on the flashbacks in "Partners of the Month."

Secret Soul
A story about Nick and Natalie's first months together.

Sequel to 'Secret Soul' with more focus on Nick.

Focusing on Nick's relationship with Schanke.  The time frame is between the second and third seasons.

Dimming of the Day
Janette's observations on Nick's current life in Toronto.  Inspired by the song of the same name.

Happy Ending
My first attempt at writing a happy story.

Janette's thoughts during the flashback of "Partners of the Month."  Based on a song by Peter Allen.

In The Wings
An alternate universe story focusing on Natalie.

Just A Man
A glimpse into Nick's thoughts inspired by the song If You Were Wondering by Peter Allen.

Light A Candle
A sad holiday story from the future.

This Christmas Day
Nick and Natalie's first Christmas together.

The Christmas Concert
An old story that I came across.  It is a <gasp> happy Nick and Nat story.

Cherry Beach
A continuation of the last scene in "Crazy Love." 

Moving Forward
Natalie copes with the events in "Last Knight"

I Survived You
A very empowering post-"Last Knight" story.

Is This Real Life?
A scene inspired by the song of the same name.

A third season Nick and Lacroix story inspired by April French's story "October".

The Video
Nick finds a movie he relates to.

Love Don't Need A Reason
Focus on the complicated relationship between Nick and Lacroix.

You And Me
Nick and Janette reunite after "Last Knight" and reflect on all that has happened.

A post "Last Knight" story with a positive slant.

 Forgive Me
Lacroix's thoughts during "Father's Day"

Fire On The Mountain
Lacroix's memories of what happened in Pompeii.

Where Will You Go
The aftermath of one of Nick and Natalie's disagreements about his treatment.

lA Christmas Knight Carol
My FK tribute to Char'es Dicken's tale.

The Soldier
A Christmas story from the Holy Land.

I Still Remember
Natalie's reaction to meeting Nick for the first time.

She Was There
Just after arriving in Toronto, Nick sees Janette outside The Raven. 

It's Only Love
Companion piece to 'She Was There' from Janette's point of view.

Full Circle
An alternate universe story involving Nick and Natalie.

Nick Books Off
Nick takes a night off.

Forever Phantom
A story based on the final confrontation in 'Phantom of the Opera'.  Amazingly it works pretty well.

All My Love
A wedding.

Right Before My Eyes
Lacroix contemplates bringing Nick across.

Right Before My Eyes (reprise)
The final scene in Last Knight

After All This Time
Divia's view of the events in 'Ashes to Ashes'

Since You Stayed Here
Nick returns to Toronto

Pushing Back
A kind of story-board songfic about Nick and Lacroix

Sail Me Away
What happens to Lacroix after Dark Knight.